Tax Refund is Limited to Licensed Stores


Tourists can only get consumption tax return for any purchase made at the tax free stores during their travel to Japan. We're here to change it.

1. Shopping

Enjoy your shopping in Japan without any worries. You can shop anywhere you like!

2. Visit our Shop

After you have done shopping, please visit one of our counters with receipts, passport & tour ticket.

3. Proceed to Customs

Show your records to Custom at departure immigration as other purrchases at ordinary tax free shops.

4. Validate your Transaction

Validate your refund by either sending us an email to or from the Contact section.

5. Wait...

We will process your refund. The processing could take up to 3 months.

6. Refund Completed!

We refund the tax amount minus our processing fees (3.50%) to you through following options.

Our Payment Options

Apple pay

Note: Any transfer charges, transaction fees, FX margin shall be deducted, as REFUND made in JPY.
We are continuously adding more transfer options.

Our Company
Address: 1-6-63 Matsugaoka, Chigasaki, Kanagawa 253-0025, Japan
Contact: Masahiro Kurita
Phone: +81-467-88-3493 Counters

Our counter is currently available at H.I.S. Tourist Information Center, Harajyuku.
We will be expanding to more locations soon!



Our team will get back to you within 2~3 days.
The data entered by the customer will not be used for any other purpose than